Allports motivation functional autonomy and study of the individual essay

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Gordon Allport

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Gordon Allport

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The corollary to this was an increased emphasis on Archive, Functional autonomy an activity or behavior may become an end or goal in itself, despite the fact that it was originally engaged in for some other reason ex: fishing-originally for survival, now may be hobby.

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QuarterlyNo. 5 (79) VOLUME REVIEWER dr hab. Mirosław Grewiński ACADEMIC COUNCIL Jerzy Hauziński (Słupsk, Poland), Miao Huashou (China), Liu Jian (China), Mart-Jan de Jong (the Netherlands), Stanisł More Essay Examples on Psychology Rubric. Gordon W. Allport (–) was the first psychologists who gave thorough thought to the concepts of traits.

He developed his own trait theory and he continued to view the trait as the most appropriate way of describing and studying

Allports motivation functional autonomy and study of the individual essay
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