Brutus motives

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Where was Caesar killed?

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Julius Caesar

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While Brutus did not give exact reasons for murdering Caesar, he and the 40 senators that killed the dictator did so collectively because they felt Caesar was a threat to their own positions in the Senate. Caesar not only appeared on the denarius coin but was named by some senators as dictator in.

Brutus is unable to realize this, though, and joins the conspiracy for what he thinks the other conspirators have joined the conspiracy for: to kill Caesar for the well-being of the citizens of Rome.

The reality is all the other conspirators were simply power-hungry. Brutus had many motives that he acted from but most of his motives were for the well being of Rome.

In his head he believed that many citizens feared that Julius Caesar might enslave them. Continue for 3 more pages» • Join now to read essay Motivation: The Tragedy of Julius Caesar and other term papers or research documents. Read full /5(1). His motive was to protect Rome from being destroyed by the "tyrannical ruler" Caesar was becoming, as projected by Cassius into Brutus' mind/thinking.

What was Cassius's motive for killing Caesar? Cassius is envious of Caesar. What was Brutus's motive for killing Caesar?

Brutus wants to be loyal to Rome, without a single person ruling. He is more worried about the city and wants to kill Caesar so there will be no dictator. Brutus wants to be loyal to Rome, without a single person ruling. He is more worried about the city and wants to kill Caesar so there will be no dictator.

He believes Caesar to be too ambitious.

Brutus motives
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