Enhancing teamwork on critical care units essay

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Enhancing Teamwork on Critical Care Units Essay Sample

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What Is the Importance of Teamwork in Nursing?

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Enhancing Teamwork on Critical Care Units Essay appropriate staffing, meaningful recognition, and authentic leadership (“AACN Standards,” ). This paper will focus primarily on the standard of true collaboration, also known as teamwork.

Results of this study demonstrate that within nursing teams on acute care patient units, a higher level of teamwork and perceptions of adequate staffing leads to greater job. Effective collaboration between registered nurses and physicians has been shown to reduce morbidity and mortality rates, cost of care, and medical errors and to improve job satisfaction and retention of nursing staff.

The nursing workforce is expected to decrease by 20% byputting the profession in a critical shortage. 7 Collaboration.

Enhancing Teamwork on Critical Care Units Essay Sample

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Besides improving patient care, teamwork in nursing can also dramatically improve a nurse's job satisfaction according to a study published in the "Journal of Nursing Management." The study involved 3, nursing staff members from 80 patient care units in five hospitals.

Kalisch, Curley, and Stefanov () studied an intervention to increase teamwork and noted that although multidisciplinary teamwork has been well studied, there are few studies on the teamwork among nursing staff on a patient care unit.

Enhancing teamwork on critical care units essay
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Enhancing Teamwork on Critical Care Units | Essay Example