Essay on conservation of biodiversity in india

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Positively plants of interest found here are Writing and Betula. The Biological Diversity Act,nurses to protect the relevant resources of the country, and thus, bothers forest ecology in its do. Biodiversity in India. Biodiversity is the part of nature which includes the difference in genes among the individuals of a species, the variety and richness of all the plant and animal species at different scales in space, locally in a region, in the country and the world and various types of ecosystems, both terrestrial and aquatic within a defined area.

Thus, we created this Biodiversity Of India website.

Short essay on Conservation of Biodiversity

The BOI website, part of the Project Brahma Initiative, is an open-source, community driven project, much like Wikipedia, where anyone - regardless of their religion, nationality, language, expertise - can contribute their knowledge of India's biodiversity.

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Biodiversity Essay

India is recognized as one of 15 countries particularly rich in species diversity. Biodiversity in India. Biodiversity refers to the different arrays of life forms available on earth of plants and animals.

The differences occur through differences in species, genetics, and ecosystem. Biodiversity Ecological Essay Biodiversity is the variety of plant and animal species. Wildlife Conservation in India. reasons. According to ecologist more than species of animals and birds are expected to be extinct if not protected by wildlife management.

Following the United Nations Convention on Biodiversity at Rio inBiodiversity Act, and Biodiversity Rules, were introduced in India with some of the key objectives necessary for successful implementation of policies related to biodiversity conser­vation.

Essay on conservation of biodiversity in india
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